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File Cabinet

This feature allows you to store documents with events. While every event has a NOTE element where you store up to 1000 characters of miscellaneous text for an event, you may want to store something more. You may have an important file or document related to the event. File Cabinet allows you to upload one or more files and have them always associated with the event and available for viewing. Use the File Cabinet button on the Update Event page to upload files. Associated files remain with the event until you delete the event itself.

Vacation Mode

You can set TCB to avoid messaging your inbox while you are taking a vacation break. Your backup will get reminders and be told you are in Vacation Mode. When your backup is in Vacation Mode, you will get the reminder and a similar notice that your backup is on Vacation. This reduces unwanted emails but elevates awareness of responsibility.

TCB will automatically remove 'Vacation Mode' status on the return date.


TCB sends you an email labeled as Alarm when an Event should be completed but you have not marked it complete. The Urgents button gives you a way of listing only "urgent" events (i.e. those events for which you got ALARM emails sent to your inbox). Once displayed as list of urgent or overdue events, you can use your browser to print this handy summary of things needing immediate attention.